Mobile CPR and First Aid

CPR and First Aid Certification Class

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      is an official American Heart Association Training Center. We offer a standard basic life support class which includes adult, child and infant CPR, foreign body airway obstruction and airway management in addition.

      Pediatric, healthcare provider and instructor courses are also available on a regular basis. All equipment is new and "state of the art". Mobile CPR classes are taught by experienced and dynamic health care professionals. The classes are designed to be as fun as they are informative.


      offers: Heartsaver CPR, Adult, Child Infant, Health Care Provider, Day Care Provider, AED, CPR Instructor courses, BLS First Aid, Pediatric and Wilderness First  Aid classes. Call or email Bill or Stephanie Mashek for information and prices.

      Do you know the ins and outs of chest compressions and rescue breaths? Test your knowledge. Take this  quiz:

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      Bill and Stephanie Mashek
      9743 highway 116
      Forestville Ca, 95436

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    E-mail us for questions, requests, or to get on our mailing list:

    Bill and Stephanie Mashek
    9743 Highway 116
    Forestville Ca, 95436