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General Information

Rubicon [ru-ba-kan] --to cross or pass, to take a decisive or final step, especially at the outset of some undertaking or adventure.


"Our family had the best rafting trip ever. Thanks a ton for the memories."

--Brandon F.


No "Cattle Boats" we specialize in small groups.

Happy rafter
RUBICON is a family run Sonoma County company that has been running rivers since 1971. Established and operated by experienced, professional guides, we run our trips with the proven notion that the best way to enjoy the experience is to participate! We encourage you to help plan and operate your trip with us. We will work together loading and unloading our gear, setting up camp and cooking meals. Informative talks on safety, camp procedures, and river ecology will help develop confidence and sensitivity to the environment. We encourage paddle-powered rafts, in which you will learn to work as a team under the direction of your guide. We feel this approach makes RUBICON participants among the most competent, confident, and safe campers and boaters on the river - besides having a great time!


Meet Greg, our Rafting operations Manager  

"I had no idea rafting was so much fun. Gerry was the best guide ever. Thanks for such a wonderful time, see you next year".--Karen S.

"Rhody is an absolutely wonderful guide. We had lots of fun but felt very safe in his raft. He was very sweet with our children."-- Aleta J.


Best Rafting Company

Rubicon Rafting company is one of a kind. My family and I have gone rafting with Bill and his "crew" for the past 7 years and each time it is fantastic. From the beginning you know you are in very professional and experienced hands. I love the fact that once we sign up everything is taken care of. We show up at the pre arranged camp site, set up our tent and let Bill and his crew take over. After a full day of rafting you come back to an incredible campsite meal made by chef Bill. Then waking up the next morning to coffee and a full breakfast. I can't say enough about this group and the personal attention they give to each of their rafters. Kate M.

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We prefer to keep our trips small, with a maximum size of 25 on day trips and 20 on overnight wilderness camping trips.


We encourage group charters with as few as 10 participants on most California rivers. Charters scheduled during the week will receive a discount. We specialize in small intimate groups.


We realize that there are large numbers of children and adults who differ so markedly in mental, physical, emotional and behavioral characteristics that they need special opportunities to enjoy wilderness recreation. Our guides have professional experience which enables us to offer these opportunities. Prices are negotiable; please inquire.


Rafting is healthy exercise, and the outdoors stimulates one's appetite. We typically plan for hearty meals with freshly prepared food from steak and potatoes to international Epicurean delights. We purchase our vegetables from local Sonoma County farmers. Individuals with dietary restrictions should notify us and we will work to accommodate those needs. We encourage charter groups to help plan their menu.

On day trips, lunch is included, unless otherwise arranged. On over night trips, meals begin with lunch on day one and end with lunch on the last day.

For a day trip:

  • Shorts or cutoffs
  • Tennis shoes and wool socks
  • Wool or fleece sweater and windbreaker, day bags are available
    (acrylics and cotton provide no insulation when wet)
For Springtime cold water trips:
  • Wet suit with diver's booties may be rented at dive shops or surf shops,
    get loose fit,
On overnight trips:
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground cloth and sleeping pad
  • Backpacking tent
  • Dry clothes, shoes for camp
  • Rain gear
  • Mess kit: knife, fork spoon, bowl, plate, cup-we supply
  • Flashlight
  • Towel, toilet items
  • Insect repellent
  • Lots of sun screen

All liquids must be carried in plastic bottles

Please leave jewelry at home, especially rings.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for options see:

The South Fork of the American River in its natural state would not normally have sufficient flows during the summer season to support rafting or other floating activities as it is known today. Adequate flows for rafting result from releases from hydroelectric facilities located at Chili Bar and above. Such releases are made when necessary for power generation and are not subject to the control of County of El Dorado or commercial rafting companies operating under permits from the County of El Dorado.

Rubicon Adventures is an equal opportunity provider.